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Please submit within 5 days of the last performance of the rodeo.
Rate accordingly:
1-Outstanding, 2-Good, 3-Average, 4-Needs Improvement, 5-Unacceptable
Did Judge(s) report 4 hours prior to first Performance/Slack?
Did Judge(s) have necessary equipment, i.e.; Barriers, Stop Watch, Flag, etc?
Did Judge(s) set barriers prior to 1st Performance/Slack and check them prior to subsequent Performance/Slack?
Did Judge(s) check animal numbers and condition of livestock prior to 1st draw and subsequent draws and or Performances/Slack?
General Duties
Was Judge(s) professional in handling duties with Secretary, Committee, and Stock Contractors?
Did Judge(s) know the rules and drawing procedures and follow them consistently?
Rough Stock
Did Judge(s) know rules and make consistent calls?
Mark Out
Hustle to watch rides and livestock
Consistent with markings and spread for ride and livestock
Timed Events
Did Judge(s) know rules and make consistent calls?
Understand barrier fouls and malfunctions
Stay in correct position to the run
Consistent – flagging and at line
Check animal numbers, correct contestant and animal
Know how to set barrel pattern

Thanks for your feedback!

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